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Measurement and analysis of complete physical readiness (physical condition, fitness, body composition, assessment of health risks) for recreational athletes, athletes, and coaches.

The SMART ASSESSMENT platform enables coaches, recreational athletes, and athletes to determine their level of mobility, explosiveness, strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance through a series of tests using modern diagnostic equipment and to become familiar with their current abilities, deficiencies, and weaknesses.

Please choose the type of diagnostics tailored to your specific needs.

Picture of Body composition analysis
Body composition analysis
Body composition and structure analysis (height, weight, quantity of subcutaneous fat tissue, proportion of muscle tissue, basal metabolism..)
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Picture of Body postural analysis
Body postural analysis
Analysis and testing of body and joint mobility, as well as flexibility of major muscle groups
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Picture of Complete diagnostic testing of athletes
Complete diagnostic testing of athletes
Complete diagnostic testing of athletes: measurement of speed, explosiveness, agility, flexibility, coordination, strength, reactiveness, muscle balance, bone and joint coordination. Testing of core and limb muscle strength and endurance, measurement of explosive and reactive leg and core strength, measurement of movement speed, sprint speed and change of direction speed, measurement of aerobic capacity, measurement of specific-sport endurance using either the Yo-Yo test or 30-15 intermittent fitness test.
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Picture of Dijagnostika rekreativaca - 7 Fit test
Dijagnostika rekreativaca - 7 Fit test
Analiza sastava tijela + mjerenje pokretljivosti, eksplozivnosti, snage, ravnoteže, fleksibilnosti i izdržljivosti . Test za rekreativce kojim se utvrđuje ukupni fitness level: sastav tijela, procjena motoričkih sposobnosti, funkcionalnost lokomotornog sustava te mišićni i kardio fitnes level
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