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Fitnes: 149

Conditions of Use

  • Membership card is personal, non-transferable and linked to the member's number in the FCJ system.
  •  In case of loss of the card, a new one is made at the price listed in the FCJ price list.
  • The member is responsible for keeping personal information up-to-date and providing accurate address, e-mail and personal info.
  • The most recent information provided by the member is considered valid.
  • It is not allowed for the member to allow another person to use their FCJ membership card, either in the gym or outside of it.
  • If more than one person uses the same card, the member who is enrolled must pay double the membership fee for each person who used the card.
  • Members are not allowed to bring in or take out other people - this may result in being excluded from membership.
  • The minimum age for membership is 16 years. Individuals under this age are not allowed to train or be in the gym, unless accompanied by an adult - parent, guardian, or trainer.
  • The gym can only be used for exercising.
  • Members exercise at their own responsibility. FCJ is not responsible for the health state of its members.
  • Members are obliged to act upon the warnings from the coach and FCJ staff without discussion.
  • FCJ is not responsible for the valuables of club members even when they are locked in lockers.
  • Each member is required to have their own lock to secure their locker during use. If they do not bring their own lock, they can purchase one at the FCJ reception desk.
  • Lockers are not personal and should be emptied after use (unless using a monthly locker rental). If this is not done, the lock will be removed and will not be replaced with a new one.
  • Each member is required to use a towel on equipment during exercise.
  • After use, weights should always be returned to their original location.
  • Inappropriate behavior - shouting, inappropriate comments, insults, fighting, violent behavior - is not allowed at FCJ and may result in removal from the gym or termination of membership.
  •  Improper use of equipment and throwing weights (except on platforms) and banging equipment while performing exercises is not allowed and may result in removal from the FCJ space.
  • If the member does not know how to properly use a piece of equipment, they are obliged to consult with staff on proper use.
  • Only clean closed footwear for indoor exercise that the member brings with them can be used in the gym, not footwear that the member wore outside.
  • After use, equipment should be disinfected and dried. 
  • Filming or photographing the FCJ space or other members without the permission of staff and the person being photographed is not allowed.
  • A doctor's certificate diagnosing illness or pregnancy allows members to postpone their membership.
  • Consuming or bringing alcohol and drugs into the gym and smoking in gym premises is strictly prohibited.
  • Users who use the gym under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be removed from the gym.
  • Personal trainers are not allowed to use the gym spaces without agreement with the gym management or FCJ trainer membership card.
  • The gym working hours must be respected.
  • The working hours are posted at the gym reception and on the FCJ website.
  • If a member violates any of these rules, FCJ may at any time terminate this contract with immediate effect and without any obligation for compensation for damage.